A male kangaroo is called a buck, a female is called a doe, and a group of kangaroos are called a mob. So basically we’re the mob – but the good kind. We’re in the happiness game, or as some may call it the “food delivery industry”, but seriously aren’t the two the same thing? Think about the unbridled joy you feel when you take the first bite into a perfect burger. See what we mean?

Now indulge us for a second while we blow your minds.

Good food = happiness, Kanguru = good food, therefore we must come to the conclusion that Kanguru = happiness!

The Applicant

Well to put it bluntly we’re looking for wizards. No, not that type of wizard, silly muggle. (But if you do happen to know one then point him/her in our direction.) In a word, a successful candidate needs to be awesome among a couple other things necessary per job role of course which obviously helps


We’re sure after reading all of that you can’t wait to hop on over to our office for an interview so here’s what you need to do. First, check out the positions we have open below, and then shoot us an email with your CV and tell us why you think you’d be the perfect fit for our team. Seriously, you could be the peanut butter to our jelly, the tomato soup to our grilled, the… you know what? We’re starting to get hungry so we’re going to stop now, but you get the idea, right?