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9 Celebrities and Their Favorite Food

by: Gene Loves Acosta, Mar 07, 2016

Guess who loves popcorn partnered with pickles whenever she visits the cinema?     Oh, celebrities — they're just like us! At least when we’re not ogling over their head turning red carpet looks or picturing ourselves having their jet setting lifestyle. But when we talk about food? We’re pretty much the same. Sometimes they’re even more obsessed with food than you are. So… what’s making these stars hungry?     David Beckham (Pie and mash) Beckham once wrote on his Facebook page after returning to the UK in 2011: “Missed my favorite meal, so headed straight for some pie and mash." In fact, the star footballer loves pie and mash so much that he included the meal in his list of top 10 Best of Britain for VisitBritain during the 2012 Olympics. “Here's an insider’s tip for a real Ea... Read more...

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