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9 Things Always Hungry People Will Understand

by: Edward Watson
April 07, 2016

Have you ever found yourself judged by people because of the bottomless pit that is your stomach? Here are 9 things you’ve definitely experienced at some point in your life, which frankly we have too!


1. Your friends and beau already know how to cheer you up.

Stressful day at the office? Maybe just a bad day in general? Everyone in your life knows that everything will suddenly be better with you if they put some food in front of you!


2. Your diet always starts “tomorrow”.

Who invented diets anyway? Seriously what’s the point in getting that body society seems to think you need if you can’t eat whatever you want, whenever you want!


3. Nothing excites you more than the idea of a really good meal.

Conversations with you often go along the lines of, “Oh God I can’t wait to get to the restaurant and order a big juicy steak!” or at family gatherings, “They ordered a whole lechon for the party! Drive faster or else there won’t be any left!”.



4. You may have just finished eating, but you’re already planning out your next meal.

You know what? Sometimes this even occurs mid meal!



5. Your biggest concern when traveling are the 3 W’s: What will I eat? Where will I eat? When will I eat?

Let’s face it; a vacation isn’t a good vacation unless you eat well! You also do more thorough research on your vacation food options than you ever did for you college thesis.



6. Brushing your teeth before going to bed is always such a struggle because it means you’re done eating for the day.        

The struggle is all too real. Other people may already be preparing to go to bed, but you’re just sitting there wondering if you can really make it until the next morning without having one last snack.



7. Food programs are both the most amazing, and most infuriating shows on television, because you always end up starving afterwards!

This is the true meaning of a “love/hate relationship”. You keep promising yourself that you won’t watch this week’s episode of Master Chef, but just the thought of not seeing all of that amazing food keeps you coming back for more. You are not only a glutton, you also appear to be a glutton for punishment at times.



8. You have a list of restaurants you want to eat at, that keeps growing by the day.

The list started out innocently enough, but it just spiraled out of control because the food envy in you is strong. This problem is exacerbated if you happen to be in a relationship with someone, or if you have friends who are just as hungry as you.



9. Your daily social media routine is to check out all posts with the hash tag #FoodPorn.

You honestly can’t see any other reason for Instagram being created other than to share #FoodPorn photos.