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7 “Healthy” Eats For 2016

by: Edward Watson
January 22, 2016

Healthy Eating - The Struggle Is Real

So you promised yourself you’d eat healthier this year, huh? What was that, it’s getting harder by the day? A “we told you so” just wouldn’t quite do this situation justice, but well seeing as we’re good peoples we’re not going to say that (as much as we would love to!).

Instead we’ve put together 7 healthy/“healthy” options to help you keep that promise you made to yourself, a little bit longer.


Yeah we know- thank you captain obvious, but let us finish first! These days salads are actually quite good as chefs everywhere seem to have taken pity on the health conscious (or at least those trying to be) folks out there, and have thrown in tons of awesomeness as evidenced by this beauty from Backyard Kitchen + Brew!


The Quinoa craze hit Manila a couple years back, and is showing no sign of dying down. Fortunately it’s pretty versatile and there are tons of amazing ways to use it and make it taste absolutely badass like this Chipotle Quinoa Salad from Crisp On 28th.

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Vegan Food

Ok guys Vegan is actually quite good. Yes we know the arguments about having no meat, no gluten, and pretty much every other negative comment out there, but reign back on your pessimism for a second and check out this delicious vegan lasagna from Susi. It’s seriously good!

Grilled Chicken Breasts

Ha! Bet you thought we were going to avoid meat altogether huh? Grilled chicken breasts (skinless unfortunately) are actually very healthy and they taste pretty damn awesome!


Technically seafood is healthy right? We say technically because throwing something in the deep fryer could change that pretty quickly! Seafood is packed with vitamins, minerals, fish oils, Omega 3, and well who wouldn’t love a bit of this gambas from 81 Place right?

Everything Organic

Organic food is all the rage right now with farm-to-table restaurants providing diners with delicious healthier versions of their all time favorites. Want an example? Well this Organic Longganisa from Kitchen 1B has “organic” in its name, so we’re going to go right ahead and declare it healthier than normal longganisa!

On a serious note here’s an example of organic food that’s definitely good for you.


Yup if you aren’t sure about whether what you’re about to eat goes with your new-year-new-me goal, then put the fork down and maybe have a glass of water instead! Sorry we just couldn’t help ourselves here.